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Year of the Chair

Hey!! Hi & Hello

Happy New Year my pretty friends! So, last year, 2022 we spoke about purpose from the view of a farmer, and what they do as they advance through the year to prepare their land to receive the seeds they plant in order to yield a harvest. This year our focus is “The Chair” in which our purpose is delivered from. Everyone has a chair. We will discover what happens in your chair, what your chair represents, and what gifts do you provide from your chair to those who take a seat there.

Together we will figure out who sits in your chair and what they need from you. Do you have what they need? We will also recover what you give to those who sit in your chair. This is where we will take an in depth look at what our talents are and how they can serve the kingdom of God. We will explore ways to walk in purpose by preparing our chair and table for guest to come and receive.

We are going to have fun with this purpose discovery year by infusing style into this journey. Get ready for some introspective work this year all to help you get to purpose. Purpose has a way of giving us fulfillment and direction. It fine tunes our lives and creates the lane in which we run with passion. Your chair is your sweet spot. Let's get there together.

Purpose to P.R.E.T.T.Y

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