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When Does the Pretty Come?

Do you know what pretty means? Have you ever looked it up? It's the best word ever for us girls and women because the working definition suggests that we can make pretty. It's all about how you apply it or set it up.

English was always my favorite subject in school, and I still know and use many of the rules I was taught such as: i before e except after c in spelling, or it's you and I, not me and you when writing a sentence. Well, look at this, pretty is an adjective. An adjective describes a noun. A noun is a person place or thing. So pretty describes us perfectly when we choose to apply it. Pretty is also a verb which means it is actionable.

Pretty as an adjective means attractive in a delicate way without being truly beautiful or handsome. Pretty as a verb means to make pretty or attractive. There it is! When I say, "Get Pretty Girl" or " Girl Get Pretty" that's exactly what I mean. Get up and make pretty.

Listen, I specialize in making pretty. From a face to a simple vase, I know just what will "Bring the Pretty" out and I know how to stage it and put it on display to elevate my canvas. Even if we were the most beautiful women in the world, we would still need or want to make pretty from time to time because we are women and wanting to look good is in our DNA.

Now, we may differ in what we think is pretty and just how much effort we are willing to put in to bring the pretty, but nevertheless at some point we all have either had or have the desire to look and feel pretty so we had to make the pretty happen.

With that being said, tell me what do you do every day that brings the pretty? Is it when you swoop your edges to soften your hair line, apply your lipstick, glue your lashes on or do your eyebrows? Ha! For me it's all of it! So, you see the pretty comes when you do your hair and put on a little face beat.

An outfit can be pretty. A shoe, purse, or even jewelry can be pretty, but those items alone won't bring the pretty. Sure, they will start the pretty or suggest the pretty, but they won't bring the pretty. Trust me on this, I know what I'm talking about. Okay, now comb your hair and soften your edges with a little swoop. Comb your brows, pinch your cheeks and apply some lip-gloss. I know you're starting to feel prettier already.

Soon I'll be hosting a When Does the Pretty Come Workshop via Zoom or within a Facebook group. Together we will discover, recover and make ourselves pretty through my everyday 15-minute Pretty Face Beat and simple and easy tips on styling your hair prettily on your face. Be on the lookout for an email with further details.

In the meantime, and in-between time, keep it pretty.



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