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What is your Signature Style?

Finding and cultivating your signature style is a journey that involves self-discovery and experimentation. Here are some steps to help you develop and consistently wear your own signature style:

1. Reflect on your personality and lifestyle: Consider what aspects of your personality you want your style to reflect. Think about your lifestyle, the activities you engage in, and the environments you frequent. Your style should feel authentic and practical for your day-to-day life.

2. Explore different fashion inspirations: Look for inspiration by exploring various fashion magazines, social media platforms, blogs, and even street-style photography. Pay attention to what catches your eye and resonates with you.

3. Create a mood board or fashion journal: Collect images, snippets, or swatches that represent the styles, colors, and patterns you love. A visual representation can help clarify your aesthetic preferences.

4. Assess your current wardrobe: Take inventory of your current clothing and accessories. Determine what items you love and feel most confident wearing. Identify any gaps you may have and make a list of key pieces you need to enhance your signature style.

5. Experiment and step outside your comfort zone: Try different styles, colors, patterns, and silhouettes. Be open to experimenting with various combinations until you find something that feels uniquely you. Remember, personal style evolves, so don't be afraid to take risks and embrace change!

6. Pay attention to fit and proportions: Wearing well-fitted clothing that complements your body shape will enhance your overall look. Understanding proportions can help you create a balanced and visually appealing appearance.

7. Invest in quality basics: Build your signature style around a foundation of well-made, timeless basics. These versatile pieces can be mixed and matched with trendier items to create various looks.

8. Don't neglect the details: Pay attention to the smaller elements of your style, such as accessories, shoes, and grooming. These details can elevate your look and add a personal touch.

9. Embrace self-expression: Your signature style should be an extension of your unique self. Don't be afraid to incorporate elements that reflect your interests, hobbies, or cultural background.

10. Confidence is key: The most important aspect of wearing your signature style is confidence. When you feel comfortable and confident in your outfit choices, it will radiate through your demeanor and make your style truly yours.

Remember that developing a signature style is an ongoing process. Be patient, enjoy the journey, and allow your style to naturally evolve over time.

If finding your signature style overwhelms or underwhelms you, but you see the need to elevate your style, I invite you to book a consultation with me to get started on your getting Pretty journey.

Until then, keep it Pretty Girl


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