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The Open Door

1 Corinthians 16:9

For a wide door for effective work has opened to me, and there are many adversaries.

When you asked your family and friends what talents, gifts, and skills you excel at, what things did they list off? Did their answers resonate with you? Does doing those things spark joy in your heart and give you a sense of fulfillment? Does just thinking about them create a stirring within you? If so, I encourage you to take a leap of faith and act on them, for there is a wide and effective door open to you. Let's not be afraid to step through the doors that God has opened for us because no man can close them. If the door to your chair, your platform, or your jurisdiction could be closed, then you wouldn't still have the desire to write novels, teach middle schoolers, dress the celebrities, heal the sick, grow food organically, etc.

The door of purpose might've been closed at one point, but it is now open. How will you walk through it? What strategies for transition will you put in place to either start, continue, or elevate what you are already doing and go to the next level? As for myself, I am pushing past my fears and resolving to execute my plan all while being open to the changes God might make along the way. I am finding that fully planning my day the night before and recording it in my Journal Planner takes the guesswork out of my mornings and is making me more productive as the checking off of my things to do is gratifying.

The work you are called to do is effective. It pulls down strongholds. It is a vehicle to setting the captive free, healing the sick, and imparting the wisdom, knowledge and understanding of many things. Although adversaries are there, I'm encouraging you to go, do, and be regardless because God is going before you and He is preparing the way. Arise, take courage and act!!!!

God has placed those gifts and talents within you to advance His kingdom. The work we are called to do as individuals contributes to the work we do as a collective body. Walking through the door to your chair of purpose to do the effective work is crucial. Ultimately, God can get it done without you, but don't you want to be found working for him? I'm trusting God and looking to Him to keep the door open for the effective work He has called me to. In case you didn't know, He has called me to beautify women inside and out via hair care services, wardrobe styling, makeup application, and purpose coaching. He keeps widening the door and I’m thankful.

Your Chair is the wide door that is open for the effective work of ministry. You want to work in ministry and share the gospel effectively? Then find your purpose, your platform, and your chair. That is the door that is wide open for you to walk through and work for the Kingdom of God. Many adversaries will show up to stop the work and dull your senses causing you to believe that the wide door is in fact not very effective or open for ministry after all. Don’t be alarmed or deterred by adversaries such as self-doubt, detours of life, naysayers, stinkin’ thinkin’, and unstable ways that try to block the door of The Chair. Take courage and act because your chair is your responsibility.

P.R.E.T.T.Y is trusting God to work in and through you in all that you do.

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