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The Diligent Ruler

Prov 12:24

The hand of the diligent will rule while the slothful will be put to forced labor

Do you ever wonder why you may not be satisfied in the job you currently have? Does your job ever feel akin to forced labor? I mean, you may make great money and have good benefits, not to mention it has afforded you a somewhat satisfying lifestyle. You could be experiencing the effects of being a slothful worker. What are you talking about Nicci? You might say, I'm not slothful. I've been on my job for 35 years and I have a retirement set up that will allow me to live better than I live even now. Yet it still feels like forced labor, right? That’s who I’m talking to. I’m talking to the friend that is just missing something. I’m talking to the one who wakes up and says there has to be more to it than this.

Sis, the reason why it feels like forced labor is perhaps you are not in the land that God has called you to. You are not working in your purpose; therefore, you remain slothful. Slothful in locating your purpose and walking in it. And when you’re too lazy to locate purpose and press through to work at it diligently, you find yourself in a form of forced labor, day in and day out, because you built your lifestyle upon a foundation that neither serves your God, nor you. This puts a limit on the harvest.

Let’s look at diligence. This is to have or show care in one’s work or duties. To dig even deeper, diligent comes from the Latin root word diligere, which means to love or take delight in. When we search the text for more, we can see that to take joy in our work and to do our jobs with a painstaking particularity that is when we are on the path to rule. Rule what and where? To rule your land. To have reign over your fields. The land that you till. The land that you work. Now, you might have grown on your job. You might have gone from position to position, higher up to higher up, and that is awesome. I want to commend you and congratulate you on that. However, I want to challenge you to be diligent in finding what God is calling you to and do that very thing. I'm not saying go and immediately quit your job. I am saying to be diligent in locating your purpose and operate in it because the harvest that it's going to yield is going to be ridiculously satisfying. Remaining diligent will yield great dividends, but that laziness will leave you slave to a field you had no business working in the first place. Ladies, be diligent and watch God give you what you need.

P.R.E.T.T.Y women remain diligent!

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