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Stop Comparing Yourself

1 Cor 12:15

If the foot says because I am not the hand, I am not a part of the body; it is not for this reason any the less apart of the body.

By profession I am a hair and wardrobe stylist providing head to toe looks including makeup and sometimes home decor. In other words, I pretty up the outside of women and the inside of homes. As a believer I wanted to do more. That just wasn't enough and didn't seem to me to be useful for the Kingdom of God. I wanted to make an impact and be useful to God.

As I grew in the Lord over the years and continued to work in the beauty industry God continued the work He had started in me. I began to learn more about the spiritual gifts He gave to me. I realized that styling people from head to toe is my talent and that my gift is teaching. When the two collided purpose showed up.

I was discounting my talent because I couldn't see how something which could be vanity provoking could bring glory to God. But I'm a witness that God will and can use your talent for His glory. See sis, your talent infused with your gift can be used with your God given purpose and the great commission, and your purpose is to be a laborer for the kingdom. You labor by thrusting your purpose into the earth to reap the harvest.

No longer are we just taking any job to make ends meet. God has a plan for you. He has a plan for the work of your hands. Every single one of us has a place in the body of Christ. Though our work and job may not be the same, though our gifts and talents may not be identical, our mission and our purpose is of the same accord. We are to point others back to Christ, glorifying Him all the day long, until the day he calls us home. Gifts plus talent lead to purpose. Your gift and your talents matter.

Get P.R.E.T.T.Y and show up sis!

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