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Serve to Sustain

2 Corinthians 9:12 For the ministry of this service is not only supplying the needs of the saints but is also overflowing in many thanksgivings to God.

When you go out to reap the harvest by gathering the goods, wages, and people from the field in which you have sown your talents and gifts, you will need to continue to serve in order to sustain that very harvest. As a result of you being one of the few workers and having the boldness and love of Christ to extend to those within your sphere of influence, the people will be saved. Your continued service of walking in purpose will be what supplies their needs. Your service will cause the harvest to overflow with thankfulness to God. There are two things your service will provide to the saints:

1. Their needs will be met.

2. They will overflow in thanksgiving to God

In this passage of scripture, we are once again commanded to give (sow) and do so with a cheerful heart. There is nothing God enjoys more than a cheerful giver. A person that is following His command to sow into people and doing it with all joy is the key here. Once we have given, we can rest assured that our giving will not return to us void, for if we sow bountifully, we shall also reap bountifully. God will not leave us wanting but will cause us to have sufficiency in all things. According to the Greek translation, the biblical usage of sufficiency means to have a perfect condition of life in which no aid or support is needed. So, to give bountifully means to receive from God all we need to move through life and to show others how great the God we serve is.

Are you serving through your gifts and talents in a way that supplies others needs and causes them to thank God? It's important that as you walk P.R.E.T.T.Y, your endeavors lead others back to Christ because He is who will sustain the harvest of their soul. Utilizing your gifts and talents for the Kingdom of God is about more than our big name, sales and profits. Although those things may be a byproduct of our efforts, it is ultimately about winning souls for Jesus.

Now, get busy being P.R.E.T.T.Y!

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