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Updated: Dec 26, 2022

Preparing the Feast

Leviticus 1&2

Hey! Hi and Hello my P.R.E.T.T.Y friends. As you Present Reasonable Endeavors That Thrive Yielded to God and His purpose for your life, take time to celebrate God and what He has done for you by calling a feast. The greatest feasts in the bible were handled with the utmost care. And for good reason. To convey its importance, we will look at Leviticus 1&2.

A feast is a large meal that is prepared and presented to celebrate an event. They were meant for the most solemn of occasions. Whether the occasion was one of joy or one of sadness, the importance of preparing the feast was taken with extreme delicacy and caution. In the first two books of Leviticus, we are talked through the Law of Burnt and Grain Offerings. The word speaks of how we are to choose the highest of qualities as a sacrifice to the Lord. Untainted and free of blemish. Only the first fruits of our harvest. The ABSOLUTE best. It also speaks of seasoning meat with salt and mingling flour with oil and frankincense. Then taking the offering to fire in the frying pan. Y’all, I bet it was a sweet savor unto the Lord! Lastly, they had the priest pray over the offering crying out blessings to God. This process was taken before every major celebration or ceremony. They would gather, prepare their feast, thank God for His many blessings, and eat to their heart’s content.

Take notice that this is what we do every time we sit down for a meal. We go to the grocery store to find the finest ingredients our money can buy. Then we go home, throw our ingredients together, bring out its flavor with salt and herbs, and place it on the stove or in the oven to cook. Once the meal is finished, we present it to our family or guests, and we pray over our meal before we eat.

The purpose of “preparing your feast” is to look at what and who God has placed in your life. Look at what he has blessed you with. Look at what he has brought you through. Offer that back up to him- the very best of what he has provided you with, pray and thank him for all he has done, and celebrate what He has done and what He will do come this new year. Whether you call an actual feast or call the people on your “team” to meet for a bite to eat, do it with a heart of celebration and of intention.

And be sure that when you feast, that you have invited God in your midst. He absolutely loves a formal invitation to a set table where he has a permanent seat. Remember Him at the table, speak on His goodness and kindness, make Him feel honored and revered.

Don't diminish or talk down what little or great strides you made in moving forward in purpose to God. There's always more we can do, but the fact we are continuing to do is reason to celebrate God for His kindness towards us in this area of our lives.

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