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Pray for your Friends

Job 42:10 And the Lord turned the captivity of Job, when he prayed for his friends: also, the Lord gave Job twice as much as he had before.

How often do you pray for your friends? What do you pray for your friends?

See!!! This is why you have to forgive your girls because life stuff is too heavy to carry alone, and God didn't call us to that. If he did then he wouldn't have given us this scripture. Sometimes we have to carry our friend's stuff to God in prayer. Sitting around with her and talking about it day in and day out isn't getting much done. Praying for your friend is an act of love. Not only was Job blessed with what he lost, but his blessings were doubled by God once he forgave and became an intercessor for his companions. He had his friends and family over for a feast and they were consoling him and talking about all that he went through and how God brought him through.

Don't let the world convince you that being on top all alone is the best. It's not. Job definitely had to forgive those friends because when Job was going through trials, they were negative. But he forgave them, and he prayed for them. He listened to God and He trusted Him. Do you have the ability and heart to pray for those who have spoken against you or about you in secret?

Stop thinking that by forgiving them, and praying that God bless and deliver those that may have offended you is you being a doormat. No, you are being a friend who has the heart of Job. You are being a friend who knows God’s goodness, grace, and mercy, and you want to see him move and work in the lives of those you care for most. God will reward your Godly and friendly ways. Trust Him and be friendly. Pray for and with your friend and receive God’s goodness as a result. As you do this earnestly and with a pure heart you will be loving on yourself through praying for your friends.

Friend, be P.R.E.T.T.Y and pray for your friend.

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