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My Chair my Platform

After leaving beauty school and obtaining my cosmetology license I could not wait to get to my own personal chair. I was excited because I knew getting to the chair and having women and girls sit in my chair to be beautified by Me was going to symbolize me living a life of joy. Over the course of the years, I learned that I was speaking life into the lives of those who sat in my chair as a result of me going to church, studying the word, spending time with God and Him depositing his word, truth, and nuggets into my spirit. They became ready on my tongue and became part of my speech in my everyday conversation. It took some time, but by 2008 I was fully and clearly aware that my chair was my platform and from there so many people have visited my stage.

With that realization I began to take my chair more seriously and I understood that the women who sat in my chair were assigned to me by God. He was giving me a great opportunity to minister to them not by way of opening up my Bible and speaking to them from a pulpit, but from my platform, my salon chair. My chair where I service women and their daughters is what has given me the notion that everyone has a chair. The Chair in which we serve God's people, is the same chair we are to draw others into so we are able to minister to them.

Now, as I stated before, your chair could be a hair salon chair or your office chair. Your chair could be your writing desk where your pen and paper are the tools used to bless and encourage others. It could be the table where you feed people from, the pots and pans that you cook in, or even the front of the classroom that you teach from. Our chairs vary. So, as we embark on understanding the concept of The Chair we will begin to learn that everyone has a chair in which they will serve others from. I want you to be mindful and look for your chair, who you serve from your chair, and what are you serving from your chair?

Let's start with exploring your talents. Take some time to write them out. If you can't think of any, ask three to five people who truly know you what they think you are good at and what they think you do well. This exercise coupled with the others I will be sharing with you over the course of the next three months will help you figure out your Chair. I'm excited about this journey for you and I’m blessed by your presence here, so together let's get to purpose.

Simply put, purpose is P.R.E.T.T.Y and so are you


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