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Let's Get the Party Started!!! Leviticus 23:33-44

Hey! Hi and Hello. It's me Nicci. I hope this email finds you well and P.R.E.T.T.Y. We have been preparing all month long for this moment. Each week thus far of 2022 has been about celebrating what God did in 2021. The table has been set, you now have a seat at the table, you've invited guests to your table, and even prepared a feast to honor the kindness of God. The last thing we are doing this month is throwing the after party. Even if last year was difficult, if you take some time and really think on His goodness and kindness towards you, I’m sure you will find something to praise Him for. And anything worth praising God for is worth getting your party on.

Last week our focus was the feast. We touched on how our feast is a symbol of his provision- in all things- and is a sacrifice unto God for all his goodness toward us. Now, what did y’all think happened after they filled their bellies, and their souls, on the never-ending grace that overflowed to the point where they didn’t have room enough to consume it all? You best believe they partied and danced and praised and celebrated!

We are back in Leviticus this week because it is the blueprint for throwing the ultimate dinner party. In this part of scripture, the importance of the feast, the sabbath, the gathering, and the celebration are highlighted to show the seriousness God placed upon an event meant to honor Him. Even the time of year these feasts were to be held are noted and followed to the tee. The scripture speaks of how they decorated with branches of palm and willows of the brook. “…and ye shall rejoice before the LORD your God seven days.” Y’all, I can party but I ain’t neva eva partied like that! He lays out such precise guidelines, and who are we to deny Him the fulfillment of those guidelines for all he has done for us.

Let's dream a minute. We already know who we are celebrating. We have identified His goodness and His blessings all 2021. Now, what is your party theme? What are your colors? My theme is Glitz, Glam, and Thankfulness. I see feathers and a touch of rhinestones, solid tones of black and white, vivid golds and whimsical pinks. I am celebrating the accomplishments He favored and energized me to try and to execute. Without His stamp of approval, I could not have done all that I did last year and I'm so grateful.

Now let's party!!!!!

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