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2 Samuel 9

Hey! Hi, and hello P.R.E.T.T.Y Girl. The other day I started thinking about Tabitha Brown and what some believe is her overnight success. Like many others, I love her infectious personality and am encouraged by her charisma and positive attitude. She has really soared to heights she might have only dreamed of. I'm excited for Tab and her journey. To watch her shine and grow is a joy and an inspiration. And let’s face it, she is just downright fun, warm, and loving. So, with boldness I told my client at the time that I want to sit at Tabitha’s table. I don't know why I said it. Perhaps, it was because like many others her story of tenacity, drive, and consistency- along with her winning smile and melodic southern accent-spoke to a part of me that was hungry. It makes me believe God has a seat at the royal table for me to sit and supp from too. Did you know there is a seat at the king’s table set for you as well? The Lord brought to my attention a passage from 2 Samuel 9. The gist of this passage is that King David wanted to show kindness to the family of his best and most loyal friend, Jonathan, who died in battle. Jonathan was the oldest son to King Saul, and when David became a member of the king’s household, the two became close friends. To the point that they regarded one another with that Mark 12:31 type of love. A promise was made between the two men, with Jonathan asking David to never cut off kindness from his family (1 Samuel 20:13-15), just before the former was tasked with facing the jealous and murderous anger of his own father. After the war and death of his beloved friend, King David recalled their precious covenant and set out in search of the members of Saul’s house “to show God’s kindness.” It was brought to his attention from Ziba, the servant for the house of King Saul, that Jonathan had a son named Mephibosheth who was in hiding and was crippled in both feet (Please take note of how Ziba tried to slight Mephibosheth by pointing out his disabilities). Without hesitation and despite his lameness, King David sent for Mephibosheth and fulfilled that promise made years before. Upon seeing the king Mephibosheth bowed in reverence and fear, likening his worth to that of a dead dog. Yet, because David wanted to show God’s kindness and fulfill a promise to his dearest friend, the king offered him a lifelong seat at his table. He was to always be provided for, and Ziba and his entire household was made to be his servants. Not only that but, he had all his grandaddy’s land restored back to him. Do you find yourself crippled in any way or in hiding? Well, it's time to walk out- limp if you must- and ask God to give you a seat at the table so you can flourish, grow, and soar. “What table?” you might ask. The table that has a place setting prepared just for you. There's a royal table with a glorious feast that we each are called to and I’m ‘bout ready to eat chile. Listen, I don't know where my table is and who is looking to invite me to take my seat. I'm just excited and a living testimony that God still blesses the crippled and gives them a seat at the king's table. Walk in purpose and have a P.R.E.T.T.Y Day!

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