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Hard work pays Off

2 Timothy 2:6

The husbandman that labors must be first partaker of the fruits

For the year 2022, we are looking at our purpose through the eyes of the farmer. Last week we looked at how hard work yields a profit. We already know that we have been commissioned to do the work of the Lord. We know that the labor, at times, will be difficult and implacable. We also know that ultimately the reward we are to receive from God for our hard work, will bless ourselves, our family and friends, and those in our community. This week we are looking at the true meaning of hard work and what that yields beyond the obvious crop.

It takes hard work to stay the course when walking in God’s purpose. We have established that the job we are in, or the work we will one day be in, can be the field that we plow and till to prepare the harvest. We know the mission and we understand its importance. We will toil and work hard in our lands as the farmers do, and for our hard work and patience, we will receive our reward by being able to partake from the very yield that comes forth (Hebrews 10:36). If it doesn’t get done by us, then it doesn’t get done.

In his biblical commentary Matthew Henry helps us understand this context even more clearly with reference to James 5:7. The farmer, after having put in his back breaking yet soul rewarding work, he waits patiently for the precious fruit of heaven until he receives it. The work and the blessing are mutually exclusive. You cannot have one without the other. You cannot receive the reward without first putting in the work. In the first half of this passage, Paul makes sure to stress the importance of remaining diligent and patient, of remaining consistent and striving to persevere through the work. In the second half, he reminds Timothy of how he needs to stand on the foundation of God and despise any way of living that the Lord would not approve of. This all comes together to be a complete work for God and his kingdom.

So, go head girl! Don’t be greedy but do get yours. The Bible says that we are to receive a share of our crop. Go out there and gather the harvest.

P.R.E.T.T.Y women work hard!

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