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Gather & Reap

Proverbs 10:5

He who gathers in summer is a prudent son, but he who sleeps in harvest is a son who brings shame.

Hey! Hi and hello, ladies. Last week we read that the workers for gathering the harvest are few. We have been tasked with praying for more workers, but that does not leave us free from the hard labor of continuing to gather the harvest. We were told to look up and see that the fields are gleaming. The fruit on the vines is ready to be plucked. With the product of the harvest being provision for God’s kingdom, and provision for self and others, I would think that getting out there and gathering would be a no brainer. When we till, plant, and harvest the way Christ has asked of us His provision stretches not just to the everyday needs of our physical world, but to the minute details of our spiritual needs as well. Meaning, He will never leave us wanting and begging for just a scrap as long as we are wise and diligent in our work for Him.

Wise sons gather and harvest in the field that they are called to. They are intentional about their line of work and the industry in which they sow their gifts and talents. Why? Because they know who they truly labor for. He has a designated field for you. Find it and work within it. When we work with our gifts and talents with the mindset to bring glory to God, I believe we are working the very field God has equipped us to harvest.

When you find your field and you plant there, you will find that gathering in summer- which is counted as wise- will be an exciting and rewarding task. This type of wisdom, in the Hebrew, had multiple meanings but there are a couple definitions that truly stand out. It can be defined as a state caused by proper training and teaching that is enhanced by careful observation. This proper training then lends to understanding, prosperity, skill, knowledge, and even the ability to teach. Given that you follow the biblical teaching of sowing for the sake of the harvest, you will be so clear on what and who is ready to be gathered. You will find yourself giving, loving, sharing, and prospering in ways that you haven't experienced before.

The people God has called you to are waiting on you to arrive. Those people and that great harvest are there in the field God has gifted you. Once you get there you will find that you have more boldness, more courage, and you walk in authority all while being humble. You will find that you are no longer vying for attention or position because you are simply doing what God has called you to.

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