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Don’t Mess this Up


Deuteronomy 22:9 You shall not sow your vineyard with two kinds of seed, lest the whole yield be forfeited, the crop you have sown, and the yield of the vineyard.

Hey! Hi and Hello. I want to encourage you to use your gifts and talents for the kingdom of God. I want to encourage you to place your gifts and talents in good soil. In other words, I want to see them on full display, and work on a job, within an industry, or joined to a group that ultimately glorifies God. Sis don't mess this up. Trying to fit old jobs and duties into this season simply won't work if you do so knowing full well what He has called you to do. This will forfeit the whole crop! And as we know from the week prior, the yield of such is not just for us or those in our immediate circle. God has promised enough blessings to overflow to the lives of those we didn’t know we could reach. This is kingdom work ladies. So, don’t mess this up! It goes beyond just putting in hours tilling, planting, and sowing. This scripture shows a mindset we are to have. A heart stance we need to take. Our focus needs to be on the things of Christ and everything we do should flow from a place of joy for being able to work for the kingdom of God. Perhaps your current job is taking a toll on your peace of mind and your faith. I plead with you to plant and sow into God’s purpose for your life. When the work becomes arduous and punishing- because there will be times like these- I urge you to stay the course. You will begin to see His blessings sprout up, and when you do, pass along the knowledge of who provided it all to as many people as you can. Go, do, and be P.R.E.T.T.Y!

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