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Choosing a Wise Community

Proverbs 13:20 Whoever walks with the wise becomes wise, but the companion of fools will suffer harm.

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Do you believe that birds of a feather flock together? It's true you know. I mean when is the last time you saw a pigeon hanging out with a flamingo? Probably the last time you saw a wise man hanging out with a foolish man. Unlike birds of a feather flocking together wise men hanging with foolish men will cause harm to come upon them and taint the wise man's wisdom. Proverbs 13:20 says whoever walks with the wise becomes wise, but the companion of fools will suffer harm. Are you the wise one or the foolish friend?

A wise woman is humble, gentle, peace loving, sincere and considerate. I'm taking notes myself because we all have room for improvement. Spending time with a wise woman will rub off on you and be beneficial to you and all that concerns you. You will begin to learn more about God and how to apply His word to your life. The love of God will be illuminated simply by being around a Godly wise woman. She will give to you and not always take from you. Her wisdom alone keeps her in a space full of gratitude and abundance and that is why being around her always leaves you feeling nourished and full. I endeavor wholly to be this P.R.E.T.T.Y woman of God.

A foolish woman is clamorous, lives in the moment, is indiscreet, and argumentative. Chile she just ain't no fun. Isn't it pleasant when women can dwell together in unity? I have no desire to be around negativity. I'm not talking about the negative things that the world presents such as "mind your business and I’ll mind mine" or "not calling out a friend on a subject they are going astray in.” No baby, as your friend I'm in your business and as your sister in Christ I can't lift you up without giving attention to the speck in your eye and let's be clear, I need you to point out the beam in mine.

How do you gain wisdom? First off, begin by reading the word of God and drink from the well deeply to quench your parched and thirsty soul. Second, go to church and fellowship with women who are thriving. Now, be careful, of those who can put on a good face and a nice outfit. They will have you believing they got it going on when really, their spiritual bank account looks like a prolapsed uterus bout to fall all the way out. Choosing friends carefully takes time and choosing wise women might not be the easiest people to find these days, so start with you and become what you're looking for.

Women who love themselves surround themselves with imperfect women who are striving to become wiser and who are actively looking to put the foolish ways of their youth behind them. Say it with me,

I'm P.R.E.T.T.Y and Wise

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