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1 Cor 12:17 If the whole body were an eye, where were the hearing? If the whole were hearing, where were the smelling?

Sis, if we all were designers where would the writers be? If we all were writers, where would our negotiators be? God never intended for us to all be the same, but He also didn't intend for us to all be set apart from one another as Christians. He only had the intention for us to be set apart from the world. While there might be several superstars in your field there is still only one you and you have a specific mission to accomplish. Seek to do that great commission that the Lord has appointed us to do. God is sure to do the rest, no?

We all can't be the same thing, having the same gift, displaying the same talent because where would the other be? I've said it before, in order for the body to function properly it needs your gift just as much as it needs mine. Imagine the body without a heart to pump the blood to every organ, vital and common. Picture what it is like for a body to perform a task without working extremities or senses to help you understand the world around you. It is easy to misconstrue that the heart remains the most valuable. That is, until you can't walk anywhere because you don't have a big toe.

Let's look at my personal career in the first salon that I co-owned. Being that there were two owners, I brought my gifts and talents to the table and she brought hers. Together we endeavored to make a dynamic salon. I brought my ability to hire and rally new talent. She brought the stability and financial wellness needed to operate. Together we trained our staff on best salon practices, how to grow their business, and how to best go about premium product selection. Our gifts were not in a battle with one another, not because they couldn't be but because we chose to be in harmony working together for a common goal.

The ear and the nose are not in a competition. They both realize the body needs to smell and to hear for various reasons. They work together to enjoy the blessings of God and to evaluate situations both dangerous and beneficial to advancement for the body’s sake. I encourage you to find your gift that God has so graciously distributed to you and use it for His glory. Your gift transcends more than just church work. It is useful for your everyday work which is your life's work. Allow it to show up at home, on the job, in your business, and in your hobby.

P.R.E.T.T.Y works are in you. Display them to bring healing, restoration, and prosperity

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